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Sometimes you must let go of the life you had planned in order
to make room for the life ahead of you.
— Unknown

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HUGE HUGE HUGE NEWS…Its Radio time (again)! Hiatus is over!
I love it, I am good at and I love the opportunity to bring all of you to the air waves to share your messages.
So it is time, I am coming back….what does this look like?…. well, I need your help I need supporters and sponsorship b/c it all cost money.
The link below takes you to my Radio Media page.Would love to talk to you about Sponsorship and air time only if you are serious about taking your company and/or products to the next level!The I’m Thankful Network Radio for Inspiration Education and Collaboration was wildly successful for over 3 years and now armed with new knowledge, new connections and even more butt kicking tenacity I will take this program to new heights, are you ready? Contact me personally.
With love, Sue
RADIO page: and New Product launch
Lets connect privately so I know how best to serve you?



When the Drunk Monkey comes a call’in….

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When the “committee” bad room mate” or what I affectionately call the “Drunk Monkey” comes up in your head (this is defined as all your negative self talk or chatter) say….

I no longer feel this way (even if you don’t that is what you are trying to change), thank you for trying to protect me however I choose love and trust adding in that moment bring a VERRRY happy picture to your mind.
Sending “the negative” chatter away and replace it with love and trust and a happy image.
Constantly do this cognition tool until you no long have the negative chatter come up.

Vwalla transformation.

Fact: It is now been visually proven by science, you are actually changing your neurological pathway in your brain.!!! gotta love that!

With love, Sue Lundquist

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