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Ladies, ACT NOW in your life, your future depends on it!

Its resolution time…..

You are a leader at work and at home  and you need to be the best example you can be!

I know that being a leader and an example evolves as you grow and so do all the tips & tools I teach you.

  • Do you want to be treated with respect?
  • Do you want to live a more positive life style?
  • Do you want to speak your truth, live in your personal power?


I want this for you, I want to spend two days with you and empower you, teach you some great fundamental tools!

I want you confident, clear and aware so you can make exceptional choices!


Spend a Transformative two days with me and be teachable because these tools do transform and will last for generations!


I have just a few workshops a year and my next one is in January just in time for New Year resolutions!

My powerful  A.C.T. Now workshops will transform the

  • way you think
  • the way you act
  • the way people treat you
  • the way you treat people
  • the way you see the world

What to expect …

Attendees can expect to learn and adapt new tools to lead an inspirational purposeful  life.


Top reasons you should attend…

1. get rid or your SAS= sad ass story that is holding you back

2. no more wishy washy syndrome, get clear & purposeful

3. Create a positive environment and positive example


The speaker will share…

Practical and repeatable tools for creating clarity for a more purposeful life both professionally and personally.

We all know that our message, our teachings live long after we are gone. So isn’t it time to take a look and be certain we are living the best example you can for your family, friends and co-workers.

Contact Sue Lundquist for speaking and clarity coaching: sue@Imthankful dot com

Sue gives you core tools to “clean your lens” and empower your life now and for generations to come. 

Self-acceptance will be achieved by cultivating Thankfulness as I bust thru “Uncomfortable Change”. Sue Lundquist, Author


Streaming online: internationally, with a very prominent following in LA and NY, WBMX HD3 Boston, WYCD HD3 Detroit, KJAQ HD3Seattle,KKNW Alternative Talk 1150

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