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Create a space for the CC’s in life. Compassionate Curiosity for yourself and others. It will help to take the sting out and make room for love and trust. — Sue Lundquist

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Reclaim your POWER, PURPOSE & a POSITIVE example

Mom’s I will help get you from Pissed & Pooped to Positive again!

With understanding, humor and proven tools you can teach your family.

Are you leaving a good example for your legacy, cuz your bad habits will live on long after you are gone. Do you want to stand in your power and purpose at work and home.


Mom’s B4 Burnout, Regain your personal Power & Purpose & lead by Positive example:

What to expect …

Attendees can expect to learn and adapt new tools to lead an inspirational life.


Top reasons you should attend…

1. get rid or your SAS= sad ass story that is holding you back

2. no more wishy washy syndrome, get clear & purposeful

3. Create a positive environment and positive example


The speaker will share…

Practical and repeatable tools for creating clarity for a more purposeful life both professionally and personally.

We all know that our message, our teachings live long after we are gone. So isn’t it time to take a look and be certain we are living the best example you can for your family, friends and co-workers.

Contact Sue Lundquist for speaking and clarity coaching: sue@Imthankful dot com

Sue gives you core tools to “clean your lens” and empower your life now and for generations to come. 

Self-acceptance will be achieved by cultivating Thankfulness as I bust thru “Uncomfortable Change”. Sue Lundquist, Author


Streaming online: internationally, with a very prominent following in LA and NY, WBMX HD3 Boston, WYCD HD3 Detroit, KJAQ HD3Seattle,KKNW Alternative Talk 1150

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