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Sue Lundquist is at it again, saving the world one day at time.  Sue has walked the talk and knows first hand what exhausted and overwhelmed feels like and looks like. Today she has a fresh perspective and proven tools that will for sure change your life now and will forever change your legacy.

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The THANKFUL journal was created to simply GET YOU STARTED and to accompany the ACT NOW Workshop Sue hosts currently in Seattle (soon to be available nation wide).  Can be used on its own and in conjunction with the A.C.T Now Workshop and 1:1 Coaching.

Be a hero in your life and leave a legacy to be proud of by engaging in the joy and purpose life has to bring.



ITN_Inner Critic_Book Cover Final_eBook 600x800 px May6By Healing Practitioner, Personal Development Coach with a focus on Awareness & Clarity, Sue LundquistDo you unconsciously sabotage your happiness?  Are you scared to death you are raising “entitle disrespectful adults?Do you have a set of  personal boundaries ?In her new book, “Inner Critic Got Your Tongue? Proven, Sustainable tools for Get’n Back to Thankful”, Sue Lundquist presents a fresh, innovative look at personal transformation and positive growth.Simply and quickly, Sue gives you core tools to “clean your lens” and better your life now and for generations to come. Can you hear them? Your ancestors are cheering you on saying “finally the buck stops here!”Learn how to achieve inner joy, personal clarity and satisfaction through insightful, fun exercises. Discover and learn tools to develop deeper connections with your Children, Coworkers, Spouse’s and family by using these tools to heighten personal awareness and clarity.Sue Lundquist, Healing practitioner & founder of the award-winning radio network, “I’m Thankful”, brings to the healing field 20 plus years of research and classes plus thousands of hours interviewing professionals in Health and Wellness. Topics include emotional freedom, awareness, organic/whole foods, intuition, mind-body connection, neuroscience, conscious living, and spirit.

Inner Critique Got Your Tongue


The I’m Thankful Journal™ is a “one of a kind gift” to give any family

As parents and grandparents we all want simple yet highly effective tools to communicate with our children that will be long lasting and meaningful. This Journal does just that.

How to use:

As simple as this is:

start writing what you are Thankful for:  I am thankful for the shoes on my feet, the hair on my head even the bad hair days b/c it teaches me to have love for myself even if my hair isn’t perfect.

Changing the way one sees the world from one of fear, resentment to curious and compassionate.

I am thankful for/because/of/who_____________________

The Who one can “sometime” be a bit harder when there is anger (do it any way, even more crucial now)….

I am thankful for my Mom/Dad because even though she/he made me mad I know she/he loves me and does this to protect me and she/he is teaching me to be self-reliant and to make better choices as I grow into an adult.

Fostering Gratitude will help you:

Sleep well



Thankful for your wonderful body just the way it is, dimple and bumps too

Being grateful helps to find solutions fast vs. get caught up in drama

Protect from Bitterness b/c when you are bitter and resentful it is much harder to learn and be open

Strengthen your immune system and over all physical health

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others! by Cicero

Engaging with child/person/ so you two are both accountable and responsible. As in both of you creating an I’m Thankful Journal and spending time am and pm am alone writing, pm together discussing just that. Even in the car cuz you have a captive audience



Read more about the I’m Thankful Journal on the Huffington Post


Featured on King5 News The I’m Thankful Journal™

I invite you to join thousands of other families in positive dialog. Purchase the I’m Thankful™ Journal to get started.

“Connection is critical because we all have the basic need to feel accepted and to believe that we belong and are valued for who we are.” ~ Brene Brown

Why creating Thankfulness benefits your family:

  • Self worth: You see Value in other they see Value in themselves simply by cultivating Thankfulness”
  • You feel special b/c you feel special that someone is willing to do something for you and like wise” Creates a sense of social connection.
  • Perception: learn to look at the  world through a Thankful pair of glasses, you are more appreciative and happy as a result.
  • To encourage quality time spent together
  • Young infants are stimulated by black and white images.
  • Encouraging a positive dialog with your child
  • Adds Priceless value to your family for generations

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 56 pages
  • Publisher: Halo Publishing International; First Edition edition (July 11, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0979742951
  • ISBN-13: 978-0979742958
  • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.1 x 0.5 inches
    • Teachers gift
    • New Baby
    • Adopted family/child
    • Family Journaling
    • Christmas
    • Birthday
    • Mothers/Fathers/Grandparents Day-tell them why you are so Thankful to have them in your life.
    • Leave blank for them to fill out for you.
    • A Guest book for Realtor
    • Home Rental guest book

$2.00 to get your Journal gift wrapped in quality silver tissue and shear Lilac bow.Get your copy autographed by the Author please make note at check out (online sales only). Price:$17.95


These images are copy write protected 2008, it’s illegal to copy these images and cards. ~ Thank you

Disclaimer: Nothing is guaranteed I’m Thankful LLC, Sue Lundquist and all collaborators are in no way responsible for your actions and behaviors.


Streaming online: internationally, with a very prominent following in LA and NY, WBMX HD3 Boston, WYCD HD3 Detroit, KJAQ HD3Seattle,KKNW Alternative Talk 1150

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